Following her crush through the neon streets of the 24th century, seventeen-year-old Miranda Hawking has no idea where her night will take her: to the cosmic high-life of the future wealthy, to a secret installation on the edge of the world, to the edge of a lens that bends the very flow of time. Nor does she realize that, by running afoul of a deranged scientist bent on accomplishing time travel, she will find herself at the crossroads of history.  

Unwittingly transported to the tragic Dark Ages, Miranda befriends the roguish Friskin York, a peasant whose influence will exceed that of any king. From haunted forests to ruined fortresses, they must contend with a hellish army lurking constantly on the horizon.  

Just when Miranda begins to come to terms her new reality, a charismatic figure from her own time returns with a shocking message: a war is being waged in the future, with Miranda’s fate at the center of the struggle. As history unravels and the strife of the future bleeds into the past, Miranda is faced with an impossible decision pitting the desires of her heart with the outcome of countless lives.