Featuring award-winning story “Midnight Funk Association”


Edgy, haunting and emotional, this debut story collection explores the varieties of human connection in a world driven apart by technological alienation.


In the hallmark story of the collection, Midnight Funk Association (winner of the international James White Award for Science Fiction in 2015) Bunchess Taylor, a troubled music producer in the post-millennial wreckage of Detroit, seeks the origin of a corrosive signal lurking in the background of audio played throughout the city. When his haphazard investigation leads to the disappearance of his protégé, the apathetic Bunchess must do the seemingly impossible to save what he holds dear: rekindle the fire that fueled his music in the first place.


Elsewhere in the digital miasma of the present, a detective faces off with a cult leader madly preoccupied with the symbolism of industrial waste. A computer programmer plunges into the fathomless memory of the world’s stored data to recover traces of his deceased wife. A family find solace in tradition and oral intergenerational storytelling by the fireside at Christmas. And in a return to the author’s native roots in science fiction, a mathematician finds the emotional center of her isolated, cerebral existence when she is confronted with a startling discovery: that time itself may be coming to halt.