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The dawn of time travel is here!


After decades of unforgiving labor, the channeler Brightside and his team of physicists at Broken Clock have cracked the secret of sending explorers into history. But all is not as it seems with Broken Clock. In the shadows of their scientific idealism, a cynical manipulator plots to highjack time travel to his nefarious ends.

Seen first as a shell of his former self in All Time: Book 1, Brightside emerges here as a tragic figure, plucked in his youth from a lowly role on a robotic assembly line before rising to the pinnacle of achievement and class, only to be humbled by the treachery of his masters. All Time: Voidbound chronicles the first stage of his unwinding, brought on by a terrible revelation: that his life’s work may responsible for breaking the history of the universe. 

The first book in the All Time Expanded Universe and a great launch pad into the series! 

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Voidbound Cover for Kindle.jpg

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